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Most golfers I talk to want to improve their golf game, but they want to take the easy way out.  By the ‘easy way out’, I mean they will spend $500 on the latest driver, or $2,000 on a new set of irons, or better yet, look to the almighty golf ball to hit it longer and straighter.  

What they fail to realize is that when it comes to improving their golf game, winning their weekend match, or shooting their lowest score, they need to look in the mirror and realize that improving their golf game starts with the person who is looking back at them - YOU.  

For most golfers, they struggle with generating power. Gaining distance starts with maximizing your shoulder turn during the golf swing to properly coil and generate power.  It’s really that simple. If you think you should be hitting the ball longer off the tee, or question why you are slicing the ball, odds are you're not maximizing (making a proper) your shoulder turn.

Most golfers fall into two camps:  the first camp is that their bodies LACK the flexibility to make a full, 90-degree shoulder and the second camp is they have the flexibility to make a full, 90-degree turn +, but do not know HOW to make a proper shoulder turn.  

That’s where having a training aid that can show you how to maximize your shoulder turn (regardless of your flexibility) while actually hitting golf balls is a difference maker (or what we like to call the ‘Gator Difference’).

With the GoGatorGear training polo, you can actually view how to maximize your turn (and alleviate coming over the top) with our built-in-channel that allows you to easily insert an alignment stick in our patented channel.  The channel and alignment stick allow you to practice on how to make a proper shoulder turn during the swing while hitting golf balls and witness the results of increased distance.  

Let’s be honest, distance is king, and it all starts with MAXIMIZING your turn.

From a training standpoint, most golfers are taught the crisscross drill where you cross your arms and hold the club across your chest and then you want the butt of the club to point to the ball or just behind it on your backswing in order to practice maximizing your shoulder turn and then swing into your follow through or finish. 

Then from there, you have to take 5 - 10 swings holding the club in place to mimic the feeling (good ole’ muscle memory). Next you had to pick up a club to try and replicate the same feeling by hitting 5 to 10 golf balls and by the third or fourth swing, that feeling of making a full proper shoulder turn, was gone.  It's a pretty arduous task at best!

Then you had to take that ‘feeling’ to the course and well, we all know how that golf round went.

The problem is that there was no way for a golfer to know if they are MAXIMIZING their shoulder turn during the golf swing while hitting golf balls, until now!  

Golfers now have a training aid that will not only show them how to MAXIMIZE their shoulder turn but will actually allow them to train and perfect their turn while hitting golf balls.

What does this mean?  You can actually see and measure the results of making a full shoulder turn during the golf swing while hitting golf balls.  

The results will speak for themself - increased distance due increased club head speed and increased accuracy.  

When you are done practicing, simply remove the alignment stick, put it back into your golf bag and your training polo is now an everyday golf polo. There’s no other training aid like this on the market.

You be the judge, visit gogatorgear.com and enter the promo code 'LaterGator20' to receive a 20% discount when you order your training polo.

Later Gator!

Lyle Weissinger

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