At Go Gator Gear for Golf, our mission is simple:

To Train Looking Good!

We love golf and we love to practice but what we love more than practice is the training the body to make a proper, athletic turn during the golf swing so you can hit further and straighter!

Our Gator Channel was designed (by a golfer/teacher/husband/father) to provide golfers of all ages (at the time, his kids) with a training solution that provides immediate feedback on making a proper turn throughout the golf swing and while actually hitting golf balls. Let’s just say, my daughter had to yell ‘FORE’ when she first tried out my training polo prototype as she hit a pitching wedge into neighbors back yard, two houses over).   She looked at me and said, "whoa, so that’s how you make a proper turn!" I’ll never forget that look on her face!

The difference maker is our patent pending GATOR channel, which allows you to insert an alignment stick or training rod into our GoGatorGear Training Polo and provides immediate feedback on how to make a proper turn while hitting golf balls (or not), it’s really that simple! 

The Go Gator Gear Training Polo is really that simple, and our goal is to make the game of golf easier & more enjoyable for all skill levels, ages, and genders.

It’s time to perfect your turn with the GoGatorGear Training Polo!



Here’s the thing, do you wonder if you are making a proper turn during the golf swing?  Am I aligned properly to the target? I did and still do. I’ve tried all sorts of training aids that claim to assist a golfer in making a proper turn or can help with aligning to the target.  I’ve tried aids that look (and feel) like a straitjacket and aids that are like handcuffs, all for the sake of perfecting the proper turn during the golf swing.  All uncomfortable and honestly, they are now in the dumpster.

Here’s the thing, what if I told you, you can practice looking good and practice perfecting your turn and alignment simply by wearing a golf polo?  Well, that day is here!

With the GoGatorGear Training Polo, you now have a simple and cost-effective training solution that’s an everyday golf polo that you can wear on the golf course, on the range or at the office.  It’s perfect for golfers of all ages and genders that want to PRACTICE and PERFECT their turn, alignment, and even their short game!

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